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AIS STUDENT OBLIGATIONS (AS part of Application for Admission for future Program)

Dear Student,

You are considering Joining AIS, And we Look forward to welcoming you soon to the worldwide fraternity of AIS.

Given below are points you should Know Before you complete your enrollment

Best wishes

AIS Education Services


(I) Admission to programs/courses offered by AIS is governed by specified eligibility criteria and selection norms, whose details are available with the front office. The student is expected to participate in the selection-assessment process, in order to ensure appropriate enrollment and ease of future learning Fulfillment of minimum eligibility criteria is necessary but not sufficient for admission.
(ii) Some courses/programs assume that the student has completed some academic prerequisites. While AIS will inform the candidate to of these prerequisites and help to assess the student, ultimately it is the student who needs to be sure that he possesses the prior knowledge required for admission into a courses/Program. Admission to a program is not transferable to any other individual.

Enrolment Agreement:-

The Application for Admission is the Enrollment Agreement (hereinafter to as the Agreement) Between the applicant and the AIS. This agreement constitutes and expresses the entire agreement and understanding between AIS and student in reference to all matters herein referred to all previous discussions, promises, representations and understandings relative there to, if any, had between the parties hereto, being herein merged. All student services are being provided by AIS. A Student who has registered for a program is assumed to have understood student obligation document.

Facility to book a seat prior to admission:-

A student may book a seat in a particular batch by paying the applicable nonrefundable booking fee. This seat will be reserved for the student till 30 days from the date of booking (or till the specified Booking Expiry date) and the student must have completed his admission process by then. Note that the fees prevailing at the time when the admission process is completed will be the fees due from the Student, notwithstanding any booking done earlier.


I. A student registering for a program at an AIS has to pay the applicable elements of the following fee components prior to admission; Admission fee, Tuition fee and Courseware fee.

II. The total fee is applicable for the course registered

III. All fees are payable by cash, debit or credit card (conditions apply)

IV. Students are required to collect and retain the receipts with registration number and other program details for every fee payment.


Unless otherwise stated the medium of instruction for all courses is English.

Each session of instruction are practice is normally of 1 hour 30 minutes duration unless otherwise specified.

The students continuing and participate interest in the education and allied process is integral to fulfilling the deliverables of the program/course satisfactorily.

Students are expected to maintain 100% attendance for all sessions scheduled for the batch in order to get the full benefit of the program.

Student parents or guardian may be informed in case of irregularity of attendance. If here is a continuous absence for 21 calendar days or more the Student will be termed as Dropout.

Backup classes will be provided only to informed leaves.

Cancellation of Admission:-

It is expected of students to adhere to the norms of discipline and decorum within the premises or at the PPsite non adherence to these norms may lead to admission being cancelled and may further result in being barred from attending any program in AIS

(ii) Failure to display continuing and participative interest in education and allied services by the student may also lead to cancellation of admissions.


Student must have an aggregate of minimum 60% throughout his academic are eligible for all placements. Before attending the interview student has to submit their original certificates with AIS as security deposit. We are not responsible for your job as we are not charging in advance.

Identity card:-

Each Student is issued an identity card by AIS, which is valid only at AIS. An Identity card is valid only if contains the student name batch code, registration number, program and a recent photograph and is stamped and duly signed by an authorized AIS Official.

In case of loss of identity card, the student may request for a duplicate identity card, Subject to the approval of the center head and the payment of the duplicate document fees.


Any relevant Changes will be communicated to the student by the student Notice Board at AIS.


Application fee and admission fee are non-refundable. No other fee is refundable.


This agreement is between AIS Center and the student and is for the benefit of AIS Center and the student only. No right or liability shall accrue to any person other than the AIS center and the student under this agreement.